Xenia's Baking Story

Xenia is a former corporate event professional, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she stopped working as an Events Manager. 

After a few months of self-reflection, she picked up her passion for baking again. She started making Hong Kong-style buns to ease her feelings of missing home and family. She later found her passion in baking sourdough bread as well. She now has three sourdough starters, Dorothy (100% organic strong white flour stater), Zeke (100% organic rye flour starter), and Apple (developed with wild yeast grown from apples).

Xenia's Baking Story produces Asian-style buns, a variety of sourdough bread as well as handmade Chinese dumplings. She constantly trying out new bun ideas and new flavours. 

Our Products

We want to produce high quality and standard product. Therefore, we use only organic flours for our bread and dumplings. We are proud to say we never use any chemicals such as bread improver to keep our bread soft and fluffy. 

We use various methods to produce our buns to achieve the soft texture, such as using poolish (pre-fermented dough) and "tang zhong" also called water roux, (a paste of flour cooked in water).